30 Years in the Business of Servicing, Fixing, Beautifying, and Customizing American, Japanese & European Bikes


Founded in 1991 by Greg Rice, master mechanic and metal fabricator,
Greg’s Custom Cycle Works services, repairs, paints, and customizes
all makes & models of motorcycles.

We serve the biker community in Clearwater and Pinellas County with excellent worksmanship and lower rates than brand dealerships.

We know your motorcycle: in 30 years, we worked on everything 2 and 3 wheels, We trace problems to their true causes. This reduces repair costs.

We are also known for quality custom paint jobs, and for our own line of handlebars, engine & bag guards, and Harley fairings.

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The team of mechanics at Greg’s Custom Cycle Works performs regular and
full service calls on all Harley-Davidson models, all Indian models,
and all metric bikes (Japanese & European).

Since 1991, we have serviced well over 20,000 bikes. We have probably seen all the mechanical and electrical issues that could happen on a motorcycle.

We strictly follow manufacturers’ book recommendations for best service and timings.

But we don’t “blindly service” your bike. We also inspect it carefully to fish out safety hazards or possible mechanical failures. We listen to your motor, test your brakes and brake lines, your clutch line and transmission, your electricals, and we change your fluids as needed.

Our labor rates are more affordable than dealership rates, and we follow 100% factory service recommendations and timings.

All service calls are on appointment only. We are usually able to put your bike on a lift within 48 hours.



Greg’s Custom Cycle Works is known in the Clearwater area for our expertise
in repairing complex mechanical and electrical issues on
almost any bike on the market.

Since the beginning of our shop, 20 years ago, we have repaired all types of
classic American-made motorcycles (Harley, Indian, Victory, Buell),
but also Japanese bikes (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki)
and European bikes (Triumph, KTM, MuZ, Ducati, Aprilia, etc).

Some of the repair work we routinely do:


• Fork seals & rebuild • Shocks rebuild and replacement • Disc & drum brakes • Cable replacement • Carbs reconditioning • Gauge replacement • Tank reconditioning • Wiring & harnesses • Timing belt & chain replacement • Drive belt replacement • All lighting system issues • Frame straightening & welding • Battery charging issues • Fairing repairs • Tank dent repair • Tank leaks • Peacock sealing & replacement • And more...


• Gaskets • Carbs rejetting • Air intake resealing • Oil pump • Fuel pump • Clutch & gearbox reconditioning • Ignition • Compression issues • Injection • Heads & Valve adjustments • And more...


• Shift to drum replacement • Seals • Main shaft seals • Trap door seals • Replacements of bearings • Replacements of shifter forks • Forks and drums • Race cut- back cut gears • Treating gears as needed • 4-speed to 5-speed upgrade • 5-speed to 6-speed upgrades • Right-side drive conversions • Pulley-to-chain conversions • And more...

The list of motorcycle repairs we do on a routine basis goes on and on.

We source new & used parts from all over the country and abroad. If you can't afford OEM, we'll do our best to find a more affordable alternative. Our labor rates are reasonable, often 25-30% cheaper than dealerships. We also work on bikes that are 10 years and older, no problemo.


In the motorcycle industry, a great paint job is like a cool tie on a business suit:
this is what you notice first. It’s your “branding”.
Greg Custom Cycle Works has acquired a really good reputation for its paint jobs: from intricate, multi-coat ghost patterns, to perfect flat black, to tribal flames with 3D shadowing, to metallic flakes, even old skool pinstriping.

No job is too daunting for us. If you need creative ideas, or if you’d love to reproduce a paint job you have seen on photo, we help you get the look you want.

Paint matching & blending is also one of our strong suits. We do insurance work on a regular basis, so matching paint on a dented tank we have repaired is not a challenge for us.

We work with all types of paints and clear coats, but we will guide you in the selection process. Paint has become awfully expensive, and for many of us, budget is a concern.

The selection of paint for the job you want is crucial to your final tally. So we’ll look at options with you to keep your paint job within a range you can afford.



Over the years, we bolted on so many after-market parts on Harleys and metric cruisers that we decided to start to create our own part line in 2006.

We broke with a practice in the industry to farm out manufacturing to low-cost countries. Instead we design and manufacture our parts in the US. We onlyuse heavy-gauge DOM tubing, no lightweight steel.

We called our line “Deep Sickness”.

Our part line includes handlebars, crash bars, rail bars, sissy bars, bat fairings, scoops for fairings, and horn covers,

We offer several finishes: paint, powder-coating, chrome, and polished steel.

Deep Sickness parts come ready-to-install on Harley Davidson and most metric cruisers. Call us to share your make & model, we’ll give you the details.

We have dealers around the country. If you are a motorcycle shop and you can install parts, give us to call to become a dealer.



Our shop has 20 years of experience doing fiberglass repairs and customizations on motorcycle fairings. Several years ago we started to apply our knowledge of fiberglass repair and high-quality painting to jet-ski repair and repainting.

Today, we repair fiberglass on all types and brands of watercrafts, from jet-skis to boats. We are a reference repair shop with several insurance companies. We warranty our fiberglass repair and paint work.

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