The team of mechanics at Greg’s Custom Cycle Works performs regular and full service calls on all Harley-Davidson models, all Indian models, and all metric bikes (Japanese & European).
Just Finishing up Some Service Work on a Metric Cruiser

Just finishing up some service work on a metric cruiser

Dependable Motorcycle Technician Needed

Looking for a motorcycle technician who is dependable and takeq pride in his work. Must be well-rounded! Email or drop off application at Greg’s.

Shaved Rear Tire

A little too shaved for a rear tire, don’t you think? Must be a new model of slicks!

Titan has Been Sitting A While: Time to Flush

This Titan has been sitting a while, it’s time to flush out the tank, clean the carbs, install a new battery, and see what else she needs to get her back on the road

Don’t Forget to Hit the Compression Release

Don’t forget to hit the compression release on this motor when starting

Headlight Repair on Custom

Headlight repair on this custom bike. Next: address a fuel issue. Carbs? Fuel pump? Some other problem?

Bad Voltage Regulator and Battery

Bad voltage regulator and battery fixed. All good now, she’s ready to ride.

Servicing a Harley That Needed Some TLC

Putting the final touches after servicing this lovely Harley. She sat still a couple of years and needed some TLC. She’s all good now, our customer is very happy.

Service & Repair on Triumph Trophy

Doing some service and repair work on this Triumph Trophy. We work on metric bikes just as much as on American bikes.

Service Work on a Chopper

Doing some service work and repairs on this cool-looking custom chopper.

Service Work on a Honda CBR

Service work on a honda CBR. We have to get her running again. Requires some troubleshooting.

Damaged Rotor and Stator and Cover

Damaged rotor and stator and cover on this Triumph. Time to order parts.

Setting up Valve Adjustment on KZ 1000

Setting up valve adjustment on an old school Kawasaki KZ1000.

Service Work on Older Suziki

Service work on a vintage Suzuki. Take a look at the old thumper. This bike had been sitting for a long while. All good now; ready for the road.

Finished up 10K Service on a Touring

Finished up the 10K service call on this touring model. We do them day in, day out.

Checking Out a Gear Set: Too Much Metal Shavings

Checking out a gear set. We noticed too much metal shavings in the tranny oil. We had to inspect.

Just did Some Service Work on a CBR

Just did some service work on a Honda CBR. Nice ride!

10K Service Done on Street Glide

Finished the 10k service on this Street Glide. We just saved our customer a bunch of $$$ on the service call.

Service Work and a New Battery

Just finishing up some service work, changed battery and the fluids. This red harley had been sitting in for a while. Now ready to get back on the road!

5K Service on Road King

5K service on this Road King. We also installed some aftermarket parts.

Service Work on HD FLX

Service work on this Harley Davidson FLX, in preparation for a road trip. Nice color!

Carb Service Oil Change New Plugs

Carb service, oil change, some fresh plugs… She’s ready for the road!

Service Work on a BMW

Service work on a BMW. We don’t get them every day at the shop, but we can take care of them.

Building a One-off Chassis

Building a one-off chassis for an old school bobber around the legendary Honda CB 750 four-in-line. Very cool project.

Old Iron Head

This old Iron Head had been sitting for too long. We got her all tightened up, and now she is back on the road again!

Regular Scheduled Service on Fatboy

Just taking care of regular scheduled service on a nice Fatboy.

Enjoying our Beach on Harleys

Enjoying Clearwater Beach, cruising on Harleys.

Working on Brakes

But my brakes were just working fine! NOT! Maybe two years ago, before you let the bike sit in your backyard… Oh yeah, I forgot about that…

Bike Sold Now Getting Prepped

This bike was just sold. Now getting it road-ready, and installing a few additional accessories.

Don’t Forget to Hit the Compression Release

Don’t forget to hit the compression release on this motor when starting

Servicing Da Chopper

Doing some service on this chopper… Fluids and making some adjustments. Ggetting her ready for the road.

Brake Service on Heritage Softail

Brake service on a Heritage Softail. Very much in need of.

Taking Care of More Service Work

Taking care of more service work for our customer’s saving them a bunch of money they can use for the holidays … thanks everyone we really appreciate your business..

Just Finished up 500 Mile Service

Just finished up 500 mile service on that Triumph. What a nice ride!

Sears Motorcycle

This is a Sears motorcycle! We made into a cafe racer project. It was a cool project not something you see everyday.

Polished Out CMI Headers

Polished out some CMI headers for a boat. Turned out sweet!

Front End Service on Iron Head

Doing front end service work on this Iron Head. A clean rigid ride.

Doing Some Service Work on a Street 750

Doing some service work on a Street 750 that’s been sitting for a while.

Just Finished up a Yamaha Front End

Just finished up a Yamaha front-end. Polished triple trees, fork tins, and lower legs.

Outer Bearing of Support Plate

Outer bearing of support plate wiped out …. on a big inch custom chopper.

Fork Rebuild on a Honda

Just wrapping up a fork rebuild on a Honda. Getting rid of the leaking fork seals and some fresh performance fork oil. Getting her riding smooth again.

Tranny Work on a Cruiser

Tranny work on a cruiser. I hope we don’t have to go inside…

Crazy Cool Handlebars

Crazy cool handlebars made from stainless steel. Customer can lay back in the saddle now.

Fixing Wiring Issues and Brakes

Fixing wiring issues and brakes on a Pro Street

Fuel Pump Assembly on a Suzuki

Fuel pump assembly on a Suzuki. It’s not looking good: no fuel pressure and it’s rusted up solid.

Removed Carbs off a Old Honda

Just removed carbs off a old Honda. It looks like a bad science project. Been sitting for a bit.

Old Classic Cushman For Sale

Here is a old classic. Cushman for sale. Any takers?
[Update: Sold]

Service Work on a Victory

Service work on a Victory. Just getting her primary checked out and back in shape.

Yamaha Carbs Cleaning

Yamaha carbs cleaning. Time to get this sportsbike running right again.

Freshening an Old Sportster

Freshening up an old Sportster.

My Lady’s Chopper Cleaned up

My lady’s chopper after getting cleaned up. She just looks beautiful.

Finished up Wrap Around Fender

Just finished up wraparound fender on a custom chopper.

Real Dollar Bills Blended in Clear Coat

Real dollar bills in clear coat. We got them to lay down nicely.

Tires and Brake Service

Tires and brake service, and some maintenance work on this beautifyul Harley. She just needs a little love and we are getting her back in shape. She has a lot of miles left on her.

Carb Adjust and  Service Work

We are doing a carb adjust and some service work on this customized Harley Heritage.

Service Work Before Daytona

Taking care of some service work, getting her ready for Daytona Bike Week.

Bolted on Accessories on Trike

Just bolted on some accessories on this trike, a Softail conversion.

New Tires & Brakes Service

New tires a,d brake service. We got her back in shape, ready for the road again.

Brake Switch Issue

Brake switch issue fixed, all good now! Yes, we have brake lights.

Fresh Rubber on This Honda

Just put some fresh rubber on this Honda. She also needs brakes. Step by step getting her back on the road.

Two of Our Custom Bikes

Two of our custom bikes. It was cool doing them. Check out that chopper front-end… Sweet!

Yamaha Roadstar Stainless Steel

Exhaust mod on a Yamaha Roadstar. Stainless steel exhaust tips and bracket.

For Sale: Super Clean FLX

Just in, for sale: Super clean FLX with low miles.
[Update: Sold]

Service Work and Tires on Honda

Doing some service work and tires on this Honda.

Mounting VRod Rims

Just mounted V-Rod rims on this bike. Looking sweet!

Servicing a Street Glide

Doing some service work on a nice Street Glide, getting here ready for a road trip.

Service Work & Clutch Work

Just did some service work and some clutch work on this old bagger. Almost up and running!

Refurbished a Kawasaki Exhaust

Refurbished a Kawasaki exhaust line from a damaged Kawasaki Concourse…

Chopper detailing completed

Just finished up detailing this chopper, ready to ship it.

Servicing custom bikes

Just knocking out some service on a few custom bikes…

Pulled off Carbs on a Chopper

We just pulled off carbs on a chopper. Going through it. Next, rear tire change and service.

Servicing a Clean Sportster

Doing some service on this super clean Sportster, getting her ready for the road.

Lights & Service Work

Getting ready for transport: our customer is going to Sturgis. Lights and service work done, ready to go!

Some Service Work on Fat Bob

Just taking care of some service work and mounting accessories on a sweet Fat Bob.

Looking for a Dependable Bike Technician

aLooking for a dependable bike technician who takes pride in his work. Your must be well-rounded. Email us, or drop off an application!

Old School Honda CB 750 Four

Old school. This vintage Honda CB 750 four in line brings back cool memories. Looking down at this motor, reminds me when I was 18 years, on my second street bike. Good stuff.

Chopper Week! A Few Bikes to Service

Chopper week! We have a few choppers in the shop. They had been sitting for a while, so it’s service time. Getting them back in shape and back on the road.

Service Work on This Old Girl

Doing some service work on this old girl. She has not been on the road for years. We’ll get her tightened up and ready for a trip. What a piece of Harley history!

Carb Service on Honda

We just finished carb service on this old Honda. Ready to rumble.

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