Since the beginning of our shop, 20 years ago, we have repaired all types of classic American-made motorcycles (Harley, Indian, Victory, Buell), but also Japanese bikes (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki) and European bikes (Triumph, KTM, MuZ, Ducati, Aprilia, etc).
Repairing Someone’s Crafty Work

Repairing someone’s crafty electrical work. WTH is this?… No worries, we got this.

Fuel Injection Parts: Just What we Needed

Just what we needed: these fuel injection parts arrived just in time to finish repairing a customer’s bike.

Custom Built Project 12 Years Ago

Custom built project we did 12 years ago. We called the “Money Bike”. She’s still out there running. Just need a bit of TLC.

Dependable Motorcycle Technician Needed

Looking for a motorcycle technician who is dependable and takeq pride in his work. Must be well-rounded! Email or drop off application at Greg’s.

Make This Tank Look New Again

Ouch! That hurts… But we got your back, we’ll make this Harley tank look new again after un-denting it and repainting it. Think of having crash bars on your ride to avoid this kind of damage in case you lay the bike down.

Working on a Rotor on a Dyna

Working on the rotor of a HD Dyna. Took a digger and took the stator with it …

Head Work on an Old School Chopper

Doing some head work on an old school chopper.

Oil Pump Failure

Oil pump failed. Now getting parts to repair and replace.

Damaged Rotor and Stator and Cover

Damaged rotor and stator and cover. Time to get some parts ordered for this Triumph.

Doing Some Repairs on a Custom Dyna

Doing some repairs on a custom Dyna. Starter and primary problems. We’ll get it back on the road in no time.

Checking Out a Gear Set

Checking out a gear set. Too much metal shavings. We had to inspect.

Custom Chopper From 2006

One of our builds from 2006. 10-foot long chopper. Still a head-turner after twelve years. Deep Sickness Vengeance bars and front-end. That custom really started the Deep Sickness parts line.

Fairing Repair on a Sports Bike

Fairing repair on a sports bike. Unlucky encounter of the third kind.

Tightening Brake Lines on a Pro Street

Measuring up and getting all the brake lines tightened up on this Pro Street before we mount the exhaust line on. Note the rigid frame.

Clutch Replaced on a Pro Street

Just finished up a clutch replacement on this Pro Street. Everything’s looking good.

Reassembling an Old Kawasaki

Reassembling an old Kawasaki, doing valve shimming.

Clutch Replacement on a CB 750

This Honda CB 750 four-in-line just got a new clutch. She’s ready to ride again. We love to work on these vintage bikes. Legendary.

Kawasaki 1000 in Repair

Customer broke a case bolt trying to brake down. The timing chain of this Kawasaki 1000 needs to be replaced.

Greg’s Custom Cycle Works Inc.

Greg’s custom cycle works inc. Have been serving customers Clearwater Florida for 20 years we just want to say thanks for your loyalty it’s our pleasure.

Replacing Clutch Cable on Road King

Replacing the clutch cable on this Road King. The exhaust line will need some TLC.

I don’t think we are are going to have budget on This job I don’t think this will buff out ..

Deep Sickness Wicked Apes on a FLX

Our Deep Sickness Wicked Apes handlebars mounted on a HD FLX, perfectly fitting the fairing.

Triumph Thruxton Before Tear Down

Cool Triumph Thruxton before we tear it down for repair.

Just a Few More Parts to be Mounted on this HD

We’re almost done with this customized HD, just a few more parts and she is ready to go.

Fuel Pressure Regulator Replaced

Just replaced the fuel pressure regulator and housing on this 2004 HD Ultra. She’s running good again!

Kawasaki Gas Tank Repaired

Kawasaki gas tank repaired. There was a big hole, we welded it up, she’s back on the road again.

Speedo Swap Out on a Confederate

Speedo swap out on a Confederate, spectacular bike!

Tearing Down a Z1000 Wreck

We’re tearing down a Kawasaki Z1000 wreck, to make a list of what’s needed to repair it.

HD Repaired and Ready to Go

Repaired, this Harley is ready to go. She still needs some TLC but she’ll back on the road in a jiffy.

Old Iron Head Been Sitting Too Long

Old Iron Head been sitting for too long… We got her all tightened up. She is back on the road.

Brakes Were Working Fine? Not so!

“But my brakes were just working fine!” NOT! They may have two years ago… before it sat in your backyard! Oh yeah, I forgot about that. 😉

Buell Had Been Sitting for a While

This Buell had been sitting for a while. She needs a tank and carb cleaning, and a fuel tank refinish.

Headlight Repair on Custom

Headlight repair on this custom bike. Next: address a fuel issue. Carbs? Fuel pump? Some other problem?

Diagnosed a Charging System Problem

Diagnosed a charging system problem on this Harley… Parts are on the way!

Carburetor Adjustments

Making some carburetor adjustments to get that beautiful customized bike on the road.

Maintenance Work on this 114 CI Fat Bob

Just taking care of some service work on this 114 CI Fat Bob. Our customer wants some accessories installed, she’s gonna be a looker.

Bad Voltage Regulator and Battery

Bad voltage regulator and battery fixed. All good now, she’s ready to ride.

Resealing an Air Intake

Resealing an air intake on this V-Twin powerplant. When an air intake gasket leaks, you can see the engine overheating and misfiring, some coolant leaks, and generally your bike loses power and acceleration, and her fuel economy becomes bad.

Repair Charging Issue on a Sportster

Repair work being done on this Sportster: she has a charging issue.

4 Carbs for This Custom Bobber

4 carbs on the bench. We are working on this custom bobber built around a rigid frame and the legendary Honda 750cc 4-in-line motor.

Fork Rebuilt on a Honda Cruiser

Just wrapping up a fork rebuild on a Honda V-Twin. Got rid of the leaking fork seals, and with fresh performance fork oil, she’ll ride smooth again.

Fuel Pump Assembly Replacement on a Suzuki

Replacing the fuel pump assembly on a Suzuki. It’s not looking good: no fuel pressure, rusted up solid. Gotta go.

EVO Ignition Melt Down

There is a good reason why this HD is acting wild. Take a look at the EVO ignition. Total meltdown.

S&S Motor Top End Reseal

Rebuilding the top-end on that S&S motor. Now being resealed. We can repair and rebuild practically any motor.

Thunder Mountain Primary Drive Leaking

Thunder Mountain is not around anymore but we see their bikes at the shop from time to time. Here we are repairing a primary drive leak. This old girl will soon be back on the road thundering.

Iron Head Custom-Build Project

Cleaning up more on this Iron Head custom build project. Removed oil tank, battery box, and some electricals. Getting ready to start on the rear-end. Machining more parts for a 300 mm rear-end.It’s going to be a rigid with a drop seat.

Rocker Box Gaskets Replaced

Rocker box gaskets replaced, this Harley is ready for the road

Cleaning Time for these Yamaha Carbs

Cleaning time for these carbs to get this Yamaha sportsbike running right again.

Broken Wire Somewhere in this V-Twin

There is a broken wire in here somewhere. We just have to find it to get this V-Twin to run again.

Top End Reseal S&S Motor

Top end reseal S&S motor

Repairing a Small Fender Bender on a FLX

Repairing a small fender bender that jacked up customer’s FLX.

Diagnosing an Electrical Issue

Diag an electrical issue on a very clean Softail

Put on Fresh Rubber on This Honda

Just put fresh rubber on this Honda. She needs brakes also. Step-by-step getting back on the road.

Brake Switch Issue Fixed

This custom had a brake switch issue. It’s all fixed now, brake lights working. Check out the rake and trail.

Putting in a Clutch on a Chopper

Putting in a clutch on this chopper. Next, getting her ready for a test ride.

Oil Leaks on a Thunder Mountain

We are taking care of some oil leaks on this Thunder Mountain, and some other maintenance work.

Refinishing a Front Fender Repair

Refinishing a front fender repair. We are ready to wet sand and buff, then reassembly.

Oil Pump & Valve Job on FXE

We did a re-seat of the oil pump, and checked valve ball on a old FXE Shovelhead

Service & Repair on Triumph Trophy

Doing some service and repair work on this Triumph Trophy. We work on metric bikes just as much as on American bikes.

Repainted This Honda CBR

We just did some painting on this Honda CBR. We got it tightened up, took care of all road rash and dents. She’s looking good again.

New Chrome Wheel Installed on a Nice Busa

New wheel installed on a nice Busa. Chrome look. This RC Components front wheel matched the rear wheel.

Doing Driveline Work

Doing some driveline work on this nice custom ride.

Grips on This Sweet Ride

Just put some grips on this sweet ride after finishing her paint work a few weeks ago. Ultra wide bars, like beach bars.

Fuel Tank Resealed

Fuel tank resealed, now repairing the damaged paint. We’ll get this bike back on the road after she spent three years in storage.

Acid Washed Gas Tank

Acid washed this gas tank to clean out old gas. Now ready to get back on the road.

New Stainless Cables on FXR

We are putting new stainless steel cables and brake lines on a super-clean FXR.

Cleaning up Primary and Motor

Cleaning up crusty primary and motor. Getting her back in shape piece by piece. Another 40 hours should do it.

Repaired a Nice 60s Shovelhead

Nice 60s Shovelhead back on the road. Gave her some TLC and got her going again!

Shift and Brake Repairs on a Kawa

Making some repairs to a Kawasaki. SHe has a shifting problem and a brake issue.

Repairs on a Kawasaki

We are doing a bunch of repairs on this Kawasaki. She’s seen better days. No worries, we’ll get her back in shape.

Repair Work on a Honda CB 750 cc 4-in-Line motor

Cleaned carbs, checked oil, set points of this Honda CB 7500 4-in-line motor. We fired it up after charging the battery, and gone through gears. Looks old but runs great!

Motorcycle Frame Section Replacement

Frame section replacement: we cut out a damaged area to save this motorcycle from the scrap yard. A new frame woudl cost $2300… Not in budget for our customer, so we’re fixing the existing frame.

Clutch Replacement Completed

Just finished up a clutch replacement on a Pro Street

Reassembling an Old Kawasaki

Just reassembling an old Kawasaki, doing valve shimming.

New Clutch for This Honda CB 750

We just replaced the clutch on this Honda CB 750 four-in-line. Legendary bike, changed motorcycle history. She’s ready to ride again.

Vintage Honda CB750

This vintage Honda CB750 is in relatively good shape, but needs a new clutch. The exhaust line had been modified by someone else.

Replacing Clutch Cable on Road King

Replacing the clutch cable on this Road King.

Diagnostic: Going to Replace Map Sensor

Diagnosic: we’re going to replace the map sensor in this metric sportsbike. That should do it.

Full Tear-Down Frame Inspection

Full tear-down frame inspection. This Kawasaki z1000 has been hard hit but no structural damage. Just bolt-on parts to be replaced. All good. This is insurance work.

Buell had been Sitting for a While

This Buell had been sitting for a while. She needs tank and carb cleaning, and a fuel tank refinish.

Sidecar Alignment

Just aligned the sidecar with its Goldwing. We have it tracking great now.

Carb Service on a Honda

Carb service on a Honda. This is pretty dirty inside, the bike has been sitting for a while… We are getting them cleaned out and get her back on the road.

Diagnostic time: Charging System Issue

Diagnostic time: this Harley has a charging system issue… Parts on the way!

Vintage: 1960s Cushman

Working on a customer’s 1960s Cushman. This vintage scooter was popular and there’s a collectors’ market for it.

Fixing Wiring Issues and Brakes

Fixing wiring issues and brakes on a Pro Street

2013 Fat Boy Main Shaft Seal Leak

2013 Fat Boy main shaft seal leak. Breaking her down to get her back in shape.

Iron Head Project

Cleaning up more on Iron Head project. Removed oil tank, battery box, and some electricals. Getting ready to start on rear-end. Machining more parts for 300 mm rear-end. It’s going to be a rigid with a drop seat

More Upgrades to an FLX

Just finishing up some more upgrades to a Harley FLX.

Broken Wire Somewhere

There is a broken wire in here somewhere. Now we have to just find it.

Crazy Wiring

Some crazy wiring here! Now we have to figure out where the problem is. Can you say “rats nest”?

Get This Fatboy Back in Running Shape

Get this Fat Boy back in running shape. Fuel pump shot, and a few other things need to addressed.

Refurbished a Kawasaki Exhaust

Refurbished a Kawasaki exhaust line from a damaged Kawasaki Concourse…

FLH Tank Acid-Washed and Repaired

Welded in some new nipples in the fuel tank after acid wash. Ready to put back together this Harley FLH after removing the fuel tank sealer.

Tearing Down FLX Head Gasket

Tearing down an FLX head gasket and fixing rocker box leaks.

Reconditioned Chopper Battery

Reconditioned this chopper battery before we start the diagnostic process…

Replacing Bearings in a Wheel

Getting ready to put new bearings in this wheel, the old ones are shot … Install bearings and make some new spacers for the axle.

New Stainless Cables in FXR

We are putting new stainless steel cables and lines on a super clean Harley Davidson FXR

Nice 60s Shovel Head

A nice 60s Shovel Head is back on the road again. We showed her some love and we got her going again.

Rebuilding a Ratchet Assembly

We are rebuilding the ratchet assembly and few other parts on this early Shovel Head.

Old School Sidecar Installed

Old school sidecar installed on this FLH. We brought her back to life, she is back in service, happy camper…

Rotor Work on a Dyna

Rotor work on a Dyna. It took a digger and took the stator with it…

Removing the Oil Tank

We are removing the oil tank and reworking it to hold a bigger battery for the electric starter. Nice bike.

Clutch Hub Bearings Replaced

Clutch hub bearings shot, bearing cage chewed up and very loud. We replaced bearings and hub splines that were very worn. Time for new one on this Harley FLX.

New Valves on Suzuki 500

We just replaced two valves on this older Suzuki 500. We got her running again, she is ready for the road.

Ground Sprockets to a Nub

You can say he got his money worth out of that chain and sprockets. They are ground to a nub, there’s nothing left there.

Some TLC for a V-Rod

Freshened up this V-Rod, all cleaned up and looking great again.

Cool Cafe Racer

Cool vintage looking cafe racer. We got it ready for the road again!

Inside a Custom Gas Tank

The inside of a custom gas tank needs some serious attention. Working on removing the old sealer. Gunky.

Just Finish up a Repair on a Sportster

Just finished repairing a Sportster. Paint work done. Looking fresh again! Ready for the road.

Looking for a Dependable Bike Technician

aLooking for a dependable bike technician who takes pride in his work. Your must be well-rounded. Email us, or drop off an application!

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