Greg Custom Cycle Works has acquired a really good reputation for its paint jobs: from intricate, multi-coat ghost patterns, to perfect flat black, to tribal flames with 3D shadowing, to metallic flakes, even old skool pinstriping. No job is too daunting for us. If you need creative ideas, or if you’d love to reproduce a paint job you have seen on photo, we’ll help you get the look you want.

Just Repaired a Rear Fender on a Honda

Just finished up repairing a rear fender on a Honda VTX. It had been damage in an accident. Looking like new again. Client used our paint job Special and saved some $$.

Deep Sickness Parts: Crash Bars and Fairing

Deep Sickness crash bars and the Psychotic Scoop on a Batwing fairing. Color-matched to cowlers. Pretty cool looks, no?

Deep Sickness Horn Cover on a Street Glide

Deep Sickness horn cover on a HD Street Glide. The cover is color-matched to the bike paint.

Taking Care of Cosmetic Details

We are taking care of some cosmetic details on the paint work of this cool ride, with a 124″ motor and 30″ front wheel.

Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop and Accessory

Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop and accessory for a batwing fairing we installed on this Harley Davidson Street Glide. Old school pinstriping over the Bordeaux/Burgundy color give it a vintage look.

Custom Built Inner Fairing

We custom-built this inner fairing. It holds an iPad. The hand-crafted dash is designed to accent the stretched tank. One of our custom baggers.

Custom Road Glide Fairing Mods

Custom Road Glide fairing mods: LED turn signals, headlight grill, grout bully

Deep Sickness Fairing Scoop, Handlebars, Crash Bars

This Street Glide features some of our Deep Sickness parts: our fairing scoop that really works for the model year 2014 and newer, our Wicked Apes handlebars, our Wicked Crash Bars with highway tabs, and our bag rail bars. The scoop is color-match to the batwing fairing. The crash bars, bag rails and Wicked Bars are all powder-coated on this bike. Other finishes available.

Front View Fender on Road King

Front view of this crazy fender we fabricated for a Road King. Paint job done in our shop after fabrication.

We Customized this Flh Nice Ride

We customized this flh nice ride

Stretched Tank Covers Molded to Fit Fuel Tanks

Stretched tank covers molded to fit fuel tanks

Deep Sickness Horn Cover

Deep sickness horn cover installed on the streetglide

Fabricating a Rigid Fender Kit

We’re fabing up a rigid Fender kit on a Suzuki Boulevard, with a fresh new paint job and some ghost flames.

Complex Paint Job on a Fender

This is a complex paint job we are doing on a Harley fender. Multiple applications and layers. Lots of taping too!

New Lettering on Oil Tank

We painted some new lettering on the oil tank on our old school chopper, with a 750cc Honda 4-in-line motor.

Finished Painting Rear Fender

We just finished painting this rear fender for fat tire project. Getting close now, more photos soon.

Repairing a Small Fender Bender on a FLX

Repairing a small fender bender that jacked up customer’s FLX.

Scratches Can’t Buff Out

I don’t think these scratches will buff out. New paint job needed.

Getting Ready to Shoot Some Stripes

Getting ready to shoot some stripes on this HD Fatboy paint project.

Custom Painting on This Old Girl

Just finished a custom paint job on this old girl. Modern flames, tribal style. She’s looking like new again!

Painted Parts For a Custom

We just painted some parts for a custom chopper. Here’s a rear fender with a flame job. More pics coming.

Custom Paint Work on a Boss Hoss

Just a sample of a custom paint work we did on a Boss Hoss sidecar. Fun project!

Paint Job: Real Dollar Bills in Clear Coat

Yeah, that’s real dollar bills in the clear coat… We got them to lay down nicely.

Gas Tank Repainted

Gas tank repainted. Looking like new again without breaking the bank!

Factory Color Match Fender Repaint

Factory color match fender repaint on an FLX. She’s back in shape and ready for the road.

Paint Work on Choppers

More paint work we did here at Greg’s Custom Cycle Works. These choppers look good!

Harley Davidson Tank Needs Some TLC

Ouch that hurts! That tank needs a good dose of TLC. Paint Dent Repair, we call it. Undenting and hammering, complete repainting job.

Fresh Paint and Decals on Yamaha

We just finished up this Yamaha: she got a fresh paint job and decal package, front to back. Looking brand-new again.

Taking Care of Cosmetic Details

Taking care of some cosmetic details on paint work. Cool ride with a 124 ci motor and 30″ front wheel.

Full Custom Front Fender

Just mounted a full custom front fender. We color-matched it to factory “black cherry” color on this Road King.

Fender Repainted and Hard Saddle Bags

We did a repaint job on the tank and the rear fender, and installed and color-matched hard saddle bags. Nice clean look, ready for Daytona Bike Week.

New Seat Cover for a Sportster

Making a new set cover for a Sportster project.

Buell Tank Refinishing

Buell tank refinishing.

Factory Color Match Paint on Yamaha

Factory color match paint and repair gas tank on this Yamaha. This was work done for Geico insurance.

Refinishing a Front Fender Repair

Refinishing a front fender repair. We are ready to wet sand and buff, then reassembly.

Five Coats of High Solids Clear PPG Paint

Five coats of high solids clear PPG paint, factory color match. Sweet paint job!

Reckless Bars on a Road Glide

Deep Sickness Reckless Bars on a Road Glide, green powdercoating. That’s a sweet ride …

Gas Tank Repaired and Repainted

Gas tank repaired and repainted.

Custom Fender and Struts for a 750cc

Custom fender and struts for a 750cc Sportster. Fabrication work, mold and paint work. Nice clean look, vivid black.

Doing a Color Match on an Inner Fairing

Doing a color-matched inner fairing on an FLX

New Paint Job on an FLX

New look for this FLX after an eye-popping paint job. Also lots of Deep Sickness parts mounted on that Harley.

Chopper project powered by 750cc

One of our chopper projects. This one is powered by the legendary CB 750cc four-in-line Honda motor. She rides like a dream.

Fabricating a One-Off Dash Accent

Fabricating a one-off dash accent and gas cap for a bagger. You can’t buy that off-the-shelf.

Repainted This Honda CBR

We just did some painting on this Honda CBR. We got it tightened up, took care of all road rash and dents. She’s looking good again.

Adding New Paint on Wheels

Adding new paint on these stock rims. Adding some color and tons of clear coat.

Performance Mods on Suzuki

Just finished some performance mods to this Suzuki: exhaust, air filters, and fuel management system. She runs so much better and sounds good too!

Customized Air Box Cover

Customized air box cover on a tnak with red mussel accent. Cool fab and paint job with contrast of gloss and denim finish.

Flame Paint Work Finished

Just finished up a flame paint work on a tank to be fitted on a custom project. Can’t wait to get it out in the sun!

Customized Rear Fender Painted

Customized rear fender for a chopper. Molded fender struts with some cool paint job…

Bagger Paint Special

from time to time we run a bagger paint work special, like “Save $300.00 off”. Our paint work is already very fairly priced out, but call the shop to see if we have a special running. We warranty all our paint work with a guarantee on materials and labor. We have been painting motorcycles for over 25 years.

All Body Work Completed

We just finished up all the body work (tank, front and rear fender), based and cleared it before we go into graphics and candy. That bike is about to look awesome!

Busy Week! Lots to Build

Busy week! Lots of custom stuff to build and finish! Also some repair work. Take a look at this rigid. Thanks everyone!

Two Custom Paint Jobs

Two custom paint jobs and lots more we did on these two sleds

Nephew Checking Out a Cool Chopper

My nephew checking out a cool chopper. He’ll have to have a mean growth sportsbike before he can ride this one!

Grips on This Sweet Ride

Just put some grips on this sweet ride after finishing her paint work a few weeks ago. Ultra wide bars, like beach bars.

Factory Color-Match Powder Coat

Factory color-match powder coat for a pair of Deep Sickness Wicked Bagger Bars.

Fuel Tank Resealed

Fuel tank resealed, now repairing the damaged paint. We’ll get this bike back on the road after she spent three years in storage.

Wicked Bars on a Yamaha V-Star

Our Deep Sickness Wicked Bars on a Yamaha V-Star. We color-matched them too.

One of The Three Colors on a Custom Fatboy

One of the three paint colors on a custom Fatboy sheet metal set

Deep Sickness Bag Rail Bars

Deep Dickness bag rail bars on a Harley touring model. 2 tone paint.

Just Finished Repainting Sportster

Just finished up a repaint job and mounting handlebars on this nice Sportster. Looks and rides sweet!

Stretched Tank Covers

Stretched tank covers with a small seat mod. New paint. Nice look

Cool Bagger Project

Cool bagger project. Gotta love that contrast cut look. Black is the new chrome.

Real Dollar Bills Blended in Clear Coat

Real dollar bills in clear coat. We got them to lay down nicely.

M109 Suzuki Bagger Project

We are working on a Suzuki M109 bagger project. You can see how the bagger bags are complimenting the graceful arch of the tank. We fabbed the rear fender to accommodate the fat tire. This custom bike ain’t gonna look like stock, ever.

Paint Buffed Out Ready

Ok fenders and tanks all buffed out ready to install on an EVO Fat Boy.

Custom Fender Fabrication & Paint Job

We are installing a custom fender on a M109 Suzuki. Ready to get all the custom LED lighting installed. Check out the paint job!

Lights & Service Work

Getting ready for transport: our customer is going to Sturgis. Lights and service work done, ready to go!

Just Finish up a Repair on a Sportster

Just finished repairing a Sportster. Paint work done. Looking fresh again! Ready for the road.

Old School Honda CB 750 Four

Old school. This vintage Honda CB 750 four in line brings back cool memories. Looking down at this motor, reminds me when I was 18 years, on my second street bike. Good stuff.

Oil Tank on a Custom Chopper

Oil tank on a custom chopper we are working on

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