Custom Fab

Head Gasket

Doing a head gasket job on this older Sportster to get her back in shape and ready for the road.

Installing Bagger

Installing a bagger kit on this M109 Suzuki. Cool project, little bit of fab work here, fiberglass there, and it’s coming together.

Tire to 260mm Custom Painted

Here is a mean M109. We did some custom work to make a wrap-around fender mounted ridge to the swing arm. Moved the tire to a 260 mm. Custom-painted the motorcycle and also polished out the forks. We blackened out most of the other aluminum parts.

Custom Frame Iron Head

Custom frame we built for a cool old iron head. 200 mm tire ridged. Good stuff. I love bringing back a pic of history and make it bad ass.

Shop’s A Little Backed Up

Shop’s just a little backed up this week… We should be able to catch up next week. We are not complaining, thanks to all our biker customers, we appreciate you.

Just Starting on Sheet Metal Assembly

Just starting on sheet metal assembly on this custom chopper.

Think It Gives This Chopper A Cool Old School Look

Just finished up installing our 4-into-2 exhaust system. Wwe think it gives this chopper a cool old school look.

Just Finish Making a New Axle Tube

Just finish Making a new axle tube in stone bearings roader and pulley set up valse them in ready for the tire install on a new rim and tire on a custom shopper

Finished Mods For A Customer

Just finished up doing some mods to our customer’s rig, so he can head out behind the storm.

Baker Primary Bearing

Baker primary bearing took a digger on a nice custom bike

Wicked Bag Guards Gloss Black Powder-Coat

Wicked bag guards, gloss black powder-coat on an FLX

On The Tail End of Building a Custom Exhaust

On the tail-end of building a custom exhaust for a Street Glide. A few more welds and will start on heat shields.

Stop by and Check out Some of the Many

Stop by and check out some of the many services that we provide here at Greg’s Custom Cycle Works, from maintenance and repair to full customization of your ride.

What a Great Day for a Ride on a Custom Softail From Greg’s Harley

What a great day for a ride on a custom softail from Greg’s Harley rentals on Clearwater beach 7274614840 ask for Brian

Taking Care of a Long Time Customer

Taking care of a long-time customer’s Street Glide, doing some repairs and 30K service. Getting ready for Daytona.

Vengeance Handlebars on Fat Bob

Vengeance handlebars installed on a Fat Bob. Custom fit, perfect riding position for rider; no hunching over. Owner is so happy with his new riding position!

One of a Bunch of Custom Parts

One of a bunch of custom parts we made for a cool project, a Yamaha R1

Custom-Made Swing Arm for a Trike

Custom swing arm for a trike. Custom fabrication project.

One of Our Custom Builds

One of our custom builds. Cool HD bagger.

Custom V-Rod Air Box Cover Mod

Custom V-Rod air box cover mod

New Triumph Tear-Down for Some Custom Touches

New Triumph tear-down for some custom touches.

Machined a Custom Caliper Mount

We machined a custom caliper mount.

Air Holding Tank for Front

Air holding tank for front and rear suspension for FLX air install. Cool project.

Finished up a Little Carb Work

Just finished up a little carb work on my bike. Just doing a maintenance of my old girl

Putting on Some Dust Boots

Putting on some dust boots on this Sportster while we have the front wheel off for tire install.

Installing Some Wide White Walls

Installing wide white walls on these rims.

Side Car on This Honda

We just install this side car on this Honda. Now we are going to put her through the ropes and make sure she handles like a dream.

We Installed a New Hard Tour Pack

We installed a new hard tour pack on a very nice Harley Davidson CVO. Nice ride!

Taillights on a Custom Suzuki M109

Just finished up mounting LED taillights on the short back-fender of this custom Suzuki M109. She looks so mean with the fat tire.

We Are Installing New Exhaust

We are installing a new exhaust on this V-rod. We are refurbishing a bunch of parts that had been weathered. Giving this bike a clean new look again.

Installed a Float free Fuel Gauge

Installed a float free fuel gauge on a Big Bear Chopper. It turned out nice and clean, not too offensive to the lines of the bike. Clean but functional, this bike is not so easy on fuel.

Doing a 21-inch Conversion on a Metric Cruiser

Doing a 21″ rim conversion on a metric cruiser. Changes the stance of the bike, gives it a meaner, more purposeful look.

A One-off Custom Exhaust System

We finished installing a one-off custom exhaust system, together with Deep Sickness rail bars and crash bars.

A Whole Lot of Deep Sickness Parts

A whole lot of Deep Sickness parts, right here. A couple bikes we built here, at Greg’s Custom Cycle Works.

One of Our Deep Sickness Front-ends

One of our Deep Sickness front-ends. Lower rockers machined to match the rest of the accessories on this custom bike.

LED Turn Signals in Fairing

Just finished up installing LED turn signals in the Psychotic Fairing from the Deep Sickness parts line.

Installed a FLX Front Fender on a 2003 Road King

Just installed a FLX front fender on a 2003 Road King. Color-matched vivid black. Cleaner look than the traditional HD marker light, spears, and skirt.

Custom Built Project 12 Years Ago

Custom built project we did 12 years ago. We called the “Money Bike”. She’s still out there running. Just need a bit of TLC.

Just Repaired a Rear Fender on a Honda

Just finished up repairing a rear fender on a Honda VTX. It had been damage in an accident. Looking like new again. Client used our paint job Special and saved some $$.

Seat Mod and New Custom Cover

Seat mod and new custom cover, ostrich style;

A Bunch of Parts Powder Coated

A bunch of parts came out of powder coating. Getting them ready to install on an HD Street Glide.

Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop

Deep Sickness Psychotic scoop: just installed on a Batwing fairing with clear LED lights.

Putting on New Exhaust

Just mounting a new exhaust line on this clean HD Dyna.

Old Bike We Customized

An old Harley we customized with some real cool parts, including a sissy bar built in the fender mount. Just one of many parts. Fun project!

Test Fitment of a Psychotic Fairing

Just finished up a test fitment for a Deep Sickness Ppsychotic Fairing installation.

Mounting a 300 MM Rear Tire

Just finish up mounting a 300 mm rear tire on a Yamaha. We think it looks clean, and we got rid of the “grandpa look” this bike had going on. Now looks custom and aggressive.

Chopping up a Roadstar

Just getting ready to chop up a Yamaha Roadstar, to put a fat-ass 300mm rear tire on it.

Finished up Fender Mount

We just finished up the short fender mount, and adjusted calipers and axle spacing for an 18″ front wheel installation on a Yamaha project.

Bobber Project With Deep Sickness Reckless Bars

Bobber project mounted with our Deep Sickness Reckless handlebars, powder-coated finish matching powder-coated stock wheels.

Deep Sickness Parts: Crash Bars and Fairing

Deep Sickness crash bars and the Psychotic Scoop on a Batwing fairing. Color-matched to cowlers. Pretty cool looks, no?

Finished With Mock up Ready

Ok finished with mock up ready to go to bodywork

Deepsickness Front End Lower Rockers

Deep Sickness front-end lower rockers, machined to match the rest of the bike accessories.

Bagger Project Piece by Piece

Bagger project piece by piece. Her you can see the Deep Sickness ape hangers.

HD Bagger Saddlebag Lid Modification

HD Bagger saddlebag lid modification: the lids open facing backward. You can also see the Deep Sickness Wicked Apes handlebars, and the Deep Sickness crash bars protecting the motor.

Machining up Billet Aluminum Rims

Machining up two billet aluminum rims for a custom bike we are building. Check out the size of the rear rim. That bike’s gonna be mounted with a big old fat tire.

Deepsickness Horn Cover on a Street

Deepsickness horn cover on a street gluide painted to match his bike

Dependable Motorcycle Technician Needed

Looking for a motorcycle technician who is dependable and takeq pride in his work. Must be well-rounded! Email or drop off application at Greg’s.

Springer Front End Installation

Springer front end installed on a Sportster. This complements the old school look with the sissy bar, and stretches the bike out nicely.

Solo Seat And Rider Seat Mock-up

Solo seat and rider seat. Old skool looks on a rigid frame for a bobber project. Notice the springs under the solo seat.

Custom Built Old Skool Bobber

We custom-built this bobber. Notice the Deep Sickness ape hangers, the solo seat with a spring, the bracket replacing the front fender (old skool look), short rear fender, license plate bracket. All flat-black. The exhaust line is also flat black. This bobber is a testament that less is more.

Building a Rigid Chassis

Building a rigid chassis for an old school CB 750 four-in-line Honda motor. A very cool project that shows how versatile our shop can be, both on metric and CI bikes.

Saddle Bag Modification

We are modifying a pair of saddlebags on a bagger. We install electronic latches with hinges.

Deep Sickness Wicked Bars on a Boss Hoss

Completely change the stance of this Boss hoss with our Deep Sickness Wicked bars: compared with the wide stock beach bars, the Wicked handlebars give the bike a much meaner, more purposeful look.

Saddlebag Modification: Removed Side Latches

Saddlebag modification: we removed the side latches, and installed electric latches gas-charged cylinders to open the lids. Cleaner look.

Taking Care of Cosmetic Details

We are taking care of some cosmetic details on the paint work of this cool ride, with a 124″ motor and 30″ front wheel.

Our Deepsickness Front Highlighted at Full Throttle Bike Build-off

One of our Deep Sickness front-ends installed on a FLX. Still gets a lot of interest. Very cool. Thanks to everyone that attended the Full Throttle bike build-off! The turn-out was very good and it was great to see everyone…

Full Air Suspension Upgrade

Next upgrade: full air suspension front and rear, with electric kick stand. You can also see the Deep Sickness rail bars attached to the frame.

Wrap-Around Front Fender

Wrap-around front fender installed on a ’08 Road King. A very different esthetics for this front-end.

Bobber Project With Deep Sickness Handlebars

Bobber project mounted with our Deep Sickness Reckless Bars, with powder-coated stock wheels. Note the 750cc 4-in-line motor. Classic with a twist.

Deep Sickness Hi-Way Bars Installed

Deep Sickness Hi-Way crash bars installed on a bagger. Gloss black finish with highway tabs.

A Whole Lot of Deep Sickness Parts

A whole lot of Deep Sickness parts right here. A couple of custom bikes we built here at Greg’s.

Carbon Fiber Rim With Serious Brakes

Carbon fiber rim with some serious brakes: four rotors total in the front. Serious braking power!

Finishing Up Custom Fabrication Work

Just finishing up some custom fabrication work in our shop. Mocking up more handlebars: in the foreground, you’ll recognize the Deep Sickness Vengeance bars. In the back a version of Z-bars.

Another crusty tank we have to cut apart

Doing Some Repairs on a Custom Dyna

Doing some repairs on a custom Dyna. Starter and primary problems. We’ll get it back on the road in no time.

Custom Chopper From 2006

One of our builds from 2006. 10-foot long chopper. Still a head-turner after twelve years. Deep Sickness Vengeance bars and front-end. That custom really started the Deep Sickness parts line.

Deep Sickness Rail Bars Installed

Deep Sickness rail bars installed on a Street Glide. Black powder-coat finish. Good protection for expensive saddlebags.

Greg’s Custom Cycle Works Inc.

Greg’s custom cycle works inc. Have been serving customers Clearwater Florida for 20 years we just want to say thanks for your loyalty it’s our pleasure.

26 Inch Wheel on Older FLH

Mounted a 26-inch wheel on this older FLH. Lots of Deep Sickness parts on it, like the fairing, the crash bars, the handlebars. A lot of one-off fabrication as well. Cool customization project.

Deep Sickness Wicked Apes and Dresser Kit

Deep Sickness Wicked Apes handlebars and crash bars on the custom bagger with the flame paint job, and Deep Sickness Wicked Apes with full custom dresser kit on the yellow bike.

Tank Housing Electronics

Fabring a tank to house the electronics of the bike. Going in the right direction… Fender mounts are next.

Deep Sickness Wicked Apes on a FLX

Our Deep Sickness Wicked Apes handlebars mounted on a HD FLX, perfectly fitting the fairing.

Deep Sickness Front-End on FLX

Our Deep Sickness front end gives this FLX bagger a way different look

Crazy Cool Deep Sickness Sissy Bar

Here is a crazy cool Deep Sickness sissy bar we built for this trike. Just what our customer ordered, and wow ain’t that a BIG one!

Installing Deep Sickness Handlebars

We will install a Deep Sickness handlebars on this Kawasaki.

One of Our Deepsickness Sidebars

One of our deepsickness sidebars in the fab stage

Repair Charging Issue on a Sportster

Repair work being done on this Sportster: she has a charging issue.

Some Custom Work on a  Dyna

We did some custom work on this HD Dyna: including mounting a pair of our Deep Sickness Reckless handlebars, as well as a few other things to change her up

4 Carbs for This Custom Bobber

4 carbs on the bench. We are working on this custom bobber built around a rigid frame and the legendary Honda 750cc 4-in-line motor.

Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop and Accessory

Deep Sickness Psychotic Scoop and accessory for a batwing fairing we installed on this Harley Davidson Street Glide. Old school pinstriping over the Bordeaux/Burgundy color give it a vintage look.

Iron Head Custom-Build Project

Cleaning up more on this Iron Head custom build project. Removed oil tank, battery box, and some electricals. Getting ready to start on the rear-end. Machining more parts for a 300 mm rear-end.It’s going to be a rigid with a drop seat.

Custom Built Inner Fairing

We custom-built this inner fairing. It holds an iPad. The hand-crafted dash is designed to accent the stretched tank. One of our custom baggers.

Custom Road Glide Fairing Mods

Custom Road Glide fairing mods: LED turn signals, headlight grill, grout bully

Deep Sickness Fairing Scoop, Handlebars, Crash Bars

This Street Glide features some of our Deep Sickness parts: our fairing scoop that really works for the model year 2014 and newer, our Wicked Apes handlebars, our Wicked Crash Bars with highway tabs, and our bag rail bars. The scoop is color-match to the batwing fairing. The crash bars, bag rails and Wicked Bars are all powder-coated on this bike. Other finishes available.

Front View Fender on Road King

Front view of this crazy fender we fabricated for a Road King. Paint job done in our shop after fabrication.

We Customized this Flh Nice Ride

We customized this flh nice ride

Stretched Tank Covers Molded to Fit Fuel Tanks

Stretched tank covers molded to fit fuel tanks

Deep Sickness Horn Cover

Deep sickness horn cover installed on the streetglide

Custom Painting on This Old Girl

Just finished a custom paint job on this old girl. Modern flames, tribal style. She’s looking like new again!

Painted Parts For a Custom

We just painted some parts for a custom chopper. Here’s a rear fender with a flame job. More pics coming.

Full Custom Front Fender

Just mounted a full custom front fender. We color-matched it to factory “black cherry” color on this Road King.

Fender Repainted and Hard Saddle Bags

We did a repaint job on the tank and the rear fender, and installed and color-matched hard saddle bags. Nice clean look, ready for Daytona Bike Week.

New Seat Cover for a Sportster

Making a new set cover for a Sportster project.

Custom Fender and Struts for a 750cc

Custom fender and struts for a 750cc Sportster. Fabrication work, mold and paint work. Nice clean look, vivid black.

Chopper project powered by 750cc

One of our chopper projects. This one is powered by the legendary CB 750cc four-in-line Honda motor. She rides like a dream.

Sidebag mount fabrication on Honda Fury

We just finished up fabricating a nice little sidebag custom mount on a Honda Fury .. Just big enough to stuff glasses, cell phone, and wallet.

New Wheel Bearings

We are putting new wheel bearings on this rear wheel. The owner is lucky we found out the problem. That would be a bad day on the road.

Performance Mods on Suzuki

Just finished some performance mods to this Suzuki: exhaust, air filters, and fuel management system. She runs so much better and sounds good too!

Customized Air Box Cover

Customized air box cover on a tnak with red mussel accent. Cool fab and paint job with contrast of gloss and denim finish.

Flame Paint Work Finished

Just finished up a flame paint work on a tank to be fitted on a custom project. Can’t wait to get it out in the sun!

Customized Rear Fender Painted

Customized rear fender for a chopper. Molded fender struts with some cool paint job…

Putting Fat Tire on a Yamaha Roadstar

Putting some big fat rubber on a Yamaha Roadstar. This ride is gonna look tuff…

Two Custom Paint Jobs

Two custom paint jobs and lots more we did on these two sleds

Wiked Apes on a Custom Grill

Well, we build a custom grill and added a pair of Deep Sickness Wicked Apes handlebars to boot. Craze.

Installed Turn Signals on Batwing Fairing

Just finished installing LED turn signals on the Psychotic Fairing from our Deep Sickness parts line.

Header Wrap on Ducati Scrambler

Installed header wrap on a nice Ducati Scrambler to help keep down heat and protect rider’s legs.

One of The Three Colors on a Custom Fatboy

One of the three paint colors on a custom Fatboy sheet metal set

Oil Tank Removed

We have removing the oil tank. Reworking it to hold a bigger battery for electric start. Nice bike.

Bunch of Custom Mods on Supermoto

Did a whole bunch of custom mods on this supermoto: Changed handlebars, custom-made exhaust system, painted the wheels, installed the graphic package. Also installed new fairings, levers and grips, led lights, and a custom seat.

Rigid Kit for Custom Bike

Rigid kit for a custom bike project. We cut off the rear end, cleaned it up, bent up some tubing which we tacked in place. We’ll finish welding tomorrow.

Harley Rear-End Mods

Harley rear-end mods slammed down. Fender mod and fabricated fender struts inside and out. Clean look with a solo seat.

Working on Lower Rocker Boxes

Making sure those lower rocker boxes are flat straight and clean before reassembly…

Relocation of Some Electronics

Relocating some electronics in this tail-end. After modification of the tail end, the electronics couldn’t fit in their casing.

Machining a Custom Hub for a Metric Bike

Machining a custom hub for a metric bike. That worked out great!!

Started a Custom Fender Mod

Just started a custom fender mod. We slammed the back-end down. Getting ready to cut it up.

Finishing up Handlebars Work

Just finishing up some manufacturing work on our Deep Sickness Vengeance handlebars.

New Front Rim and Rotors

Installed a new front rim and rotors on a nice clean Sportster. A cool look. Big difference from the HD factory wheel. Notice the ForceWinder intake and the handlebars. Very aggressive look.

Extracted  Broken Footpeg Bolts

Just extracted broken footpeg mount bolts on a Dyna. It’s a rare occurrence but when it happens, it’s welding time!

Installed Powdercoated Wheels on Yamaha R6

Just finished installing freshly powder-coated wheels on a Yamaha R6. Real sporty look.

Carbon Fiber Rim and Big Brakes

Installed a carbon fiber rim with some serious brakes: four rotors total in the front. That is some serious braking power!

Motorcycle Frame Section Replacement

Frame section replacement: we cut out a damaged area to save this motorcycle from the scrap yard. A new frame woudl cost $2300… Not in budget for our customer, so we’re fixing the existing frame.

Honda Custom Bobber Project

We started this Honda custom bobber project. She’s now a roller. Time to add more custom stuff.

A Couple Picks Before Chopping This Vintage CB750

A couple picks before we chop up this classic CB750 into pieces…

Custom Designed Swing Arm

Custom designed swing arm. Looks totally unique, and bad ass.

Rake The Neck on a Honda Project

About to rake the neck on a Honda custom bike. It’ll give this bike a stretched-out look, and give us more clearance for tire and exhaust. This bike will have a cool stance.

Mocking up Rear Fender

Just mocking up the rear fender after mounting up the rear wheel. The wheel has got a fresh new powdercoat treatment.

High Quality Custom Handlebars

We have building high quality custom handlebars since 1995. Here a pair of Deep Sickness Wicked Bars on this Glide.

Wrapping up Custom Chopper Frame

Just wrapping up a custom chopper frame. Next will be oil tank mounts; seat mounts, and fender mounts.

Making Custom Handlebars

Making a set of custom handlebars for that Indian. We’ll keep you posted.

Kawasaki With Aftermarket Batwing Fairing

Kawasaki with an aftermarket batwing fairing, with Deep Sickness Wicked Bars and stretched hard bags… Badass!

Regular Scheduled Service on Fatboy

Just taking care of regular scheduled service on a nice Fatboy.

Making a Vintage Exhaust Line

Just finished up making a vintage exhaust line for a custom bobber project. Definitely gives a classic look to this new project.

Modifying a Foot Clutch

Modifying a foot clutch on this Harley, to make it easier to operate with more control.

Bad Dad Extended Headlight Nacelle

Bad Dad extended headlight nacelle on a Suzuki Cruzer. That gives this bike a custom look.

Stretched Tank Covers

Stretched tank covers with a small seat mod. New paint. Nice look

Added Struts to Stabilize Fender

Added struts to stabilize fender for vibration on this trike.

Off With the Juice Front end

Off with the “Juice” front end, on with the Springer. What a big difference in looks and ride! I think it looks cool.

Taking Care of More Service Work

Taking care of more service work for our customer’s saving them a bunch of money they can use for the holidays … thanks everyone we really appreciate your business..

Sears Motorcycle

This is a Sears motorcycle! We made into a cafe racer project. It was a cool project not something you see everyday.

Just Finished up a Yamaha Front End

Just finished up a Yamaha front-end. Polished triple trees, fork tins, and lower legs.

Outer Bearing of Support Plate

Outer bearing of support plate wiped out …. on a big inch custom chopper.

Bobber Project Tail End

Bobber project tail end. Test ride today. Can’t wait.

Electricals Hidden on Custom Bobber

Just a little keg on this old Honda transformed into a bobber. All the electricals are hidden inside the keg. It was a fun project.

Crazy Cool Back Seat With Sissy Bar

Here is a crazy cool back seat. Now his Harley girl’s all set with a nice back seat and a back rest as sissy bar.

Crazy Cool Handlebars

Crazy cool handlebars made from stainless steel. Customer can lay back in the saddle now.

Fixing Wiring Issues and Brakes

Fixing wiring issues and brakes on a Pro Street

Fat Tire Conversion on a Yamaha Roadstar

Fat tire conversion on a Yamaha Roadstar. Sweet 300mm, some thick rubber.

Iron Head Project

Cleaning up more on Iron Head project. Removed oil tank, battery box, and some electricals. Getting ready to start on rear-end. Machining more parts for 300 mm rear-end. It’s going to be a rigid with a drop seat

Cool Bagger Project

Cool bagger project. Gotta love that contrast cut look. Black is the new chrome.

Finished up Wrap Around Fender

Just finished up wraparound fender on a custom chopper.

Forward Control Mods on This Chopper

We did some forward control mods on this chopper for a customer with not-so-forward reach to his controls…

Two of Our Custom Bikes

Two of our custom bikes. It was cool doing them. Check out that chopper front-end… Sweet!

Installed a 240 Kit on a Busa

Installed a 240mm kit on a Busa. She’s got a nice fat rubber now!

Yamaha Roadstar Stainless Steel

Exhaust mod on a Yamaha Roadstar. Stainless steel exhaust tips and bracket.

Tranny Work on Thunder Mountain

We are doing some tranny work on a Thunder Mountain. This is a right side drive chopper.

Custom Honda Chopper Project

Custom Honda chopper project. Just mounted the 4-in-line legendary CB750 motor in frame. Just started final assembly.

M109 Suzuki Bagger Project

We are working on a Suzuki M109 bagger project. You can see how the bagger bags are complimenting the graceful arch of the tank. We fabbed the rear fender to accommodate the fat tire. This custom bike ain’t gonna look like stock, ever.

Refurbished a Kawasaki Exhaust

Refurbished a Kawasaki exhaust line from a damaged Kawasaki Concourse…

Bobber Exhaust Captain America Style

Just finished up a bobber exhaust system, captain America-Style, on a Kawasaki custom project.

Kawasaki Custom Bobber

Just finished making a rigid back-end on a Kawasaki custom bobber project.

Old Skool Look for Sportster

Nice old school look on a newer Sportster with some gangster white walls; pin stripe and chopped back fender; and struts with ape hangers.

260 mm Rear Tire on Suzuki Boulevard

We installed a 260 mm rear tire on a Suzuki Boulevard, and we are mounting a rigid fender that will hug the tire. We are also installing some cool LED lighting.

Custom Fender Fabrication & Paint Job

We are installing a custom fender on a M109 Suzuki. Ready to get all the custom LED lighting installed. Check out the paint job!

A Cool Custom Sportster

A cool custom Sportster. We put a 250 mm back tire on it, made it rigid, raked out the front-end degree trees, stretched the tank, made a custom seat pan, modififed the oil tank, CNCed custom wheels… Fun project!

New Exhaust on VRod

We are installing a new exhaust on this V-Rod. We are refurbishing a bunch of parts that had been weathered, giving this bike a clean new look again.

Some TLC for a V-Rod

Freshened up this V-Rod, all cleaned up and looking great again.

Cool Cafe Racer

Cool vintage looking cafe racer. We got it ready for the road again!

Polished Wheels Looking Fantastic

We just polished these wheels. They were really nasty, they now look fantastic. IF you have stainless steel you need polished, we polish anything stainless steel to a mirror finish. Like chrome.

Put Some Slip-ons and Wrapped Headers

We put some slip-ons on ths lovely triumph, and wrapped header pipes. We moded the exhaust mounts. That changed the look of the stock bike, and took off some weight. Nice!

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