A Couple of Honda Parts Polished

A couple of parts for an old Honda. All polished, ready to install. We polish parts for all makes and models.

Polished Wheels Looking Fantastic

We just polished these wheels. They were really nasty, they now look fantastic. IF you have stainless steel you need polished, we polish anything stainless steel to a mirror finish. Like chrome.

Shaft Drive Polished to Mirror Finish

We polished out the shaft drive and the rims. We got rid of all oxidized clear coat, and polished the set to a mirror finish.

V-Rod Front Rim Polished

V-Rod front rim polished out here at Greg’s cycles. If your rims don’t look good, bring them here. We’ll make your old rims look like new or custom.

Wicked Handlebars With Matching Highway Bars

Our Deep Sickness Wicked Bars on this Glide, with matching Highway Bars in polished stainless steel finish. They look like chrome but not chrome, just polished to a mirror finish. Much better! All American steel, we proudly make our bars here in the US of A!

One-off Custom Wheels Polished

One-off custom wheels we polished out. We did the job for another shop. They turned out pretty sweet, no?

Polished Out Big Motor

Polished out big V-Twin.

Front Fork Polish on FLX

Polishing front fork sliders on this Harley FLX

Show Quality Full Polished Motor

Here is a show-quality full polished motor we did over 8 years ago. It still looks fantastic!

Polished Out CMI Headers on a Boat

Polished out the CMI headers on a boat. That turned out sweet!

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